Everything You Need To Know About Seeds/GENETICS


Seeds and consequently, its genetics are the foundation of any crop. Choosing seeds with good genetics qualities is one of the fundamental keys to a farming success, a compliant product and to a happy customer. We grow the best genetics based on the needs of our customers. We use in our farms seeds with higher than average CBD content, higher feminization rates, terpenes profile potentiated by our biological production and the lowest level of THC.


•Hemp is a versatile plant that can, depending on the strain, produce different crops, including grains, fibers, smokable flowers, and resin that is used to create CBD or CBG oil. CBD oil.
•Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in a female hemp plant’s flower along with CBD and CBG oil. Every hemp strain possesses its own “terpene profile.”
•A unique challenge of industrial hemp farming is that farmers must ensure that their hemp crop possesses less than 0.3% of THC. Plants that exceed this limit cannot be legally harvested and sold as industrial hemp.
•A recent study from Cornell University suggests that THC levels are determined in large part by a seed’s genes. That makes it more important than ever to choose hemp seeds from strains with proven low levels of THC.